Saturday, January 27, 2007

Council Meeting - 22 January

I was unable to attend this because I was away. However Paul Scully motion seemed to have many postive points about it.

His reference to Grammar school playing a pivotal role is of course absolutely right. In many households in Purley and Epsom the effort to get in a local Grammar school that may just happen to reside in Sutton is really important.

Of course for 85% of Sutton children go to a local comprehensive, which is 10% up since the 1970's and I welcome the fact the Tory motion welcomes the importance of education for all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Charlie. However, the name check should go to Stuart Gordon-Bullock who proposed the motion. I seconded the motion but the names were reversed in the original agenda.

As expected, the LibDems proposed an amendendment, one which we could not support. Removing all mentions of grammar schools took all meaning out of the motion failing to recognise the underpinning of Sutton's success by selective education. I was disappointed with the LibDems defence of what should have been their strongest area.

We wanted to keep a certain degree of generality about the motion so that we could raise other matters such as funding issues and SEN provision. The fact that we have one of the best authorities in the country for results shouldn't put the issue above scrutiny.

We certainly pushed the point that we need to look at all schools, enabling academically gifted children from Sutton to have every opportunity to get to one of our grammars whilst raising the standards of our comprehensives with these schools encouraged to have the flexibility to provide the very best education for those with different skills and abilities.

3:18 pm, January 28, 2007  

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