Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ASBO Powers for Council Estates.

The Prime Minister and Ruth Kelly today announced that resident groups on council estates in England are to be given new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour and take day-to-day control of council services.

New regulations laid before Parliament today will for the first time give Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) powers to apply for Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. Powers of this kind are at the heart of the Governments Respect programme.

There will be clear safeguards to ensure the new powers are used responsibly, but, where a TMO has been assessed as competent, the Government sees no reason why it should not be delegated ASBO functions.

At present Sutton only has Resident Democracies, but this new power, made lead to a debate locally as to what sort of powers are devolved to local estates.


Anonymous lbsutton said...

How many ASBOs have been given out since the beginning of the scheme? You'll be surprised!



9:31 am, January 22, 2007  

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