Monday, January 08, 2007

Phillippa Stroud selected to fight Sutton and Cheam for the Tories

I happened to meet the new Tory candidate for Sutton and Cheam tonight. Her name is Phillippa Stroud. She seemed very friendly to me. I believe she fought Birmingham Lady wood at the last General Election.

She has already stimulated debate amongst local and national Tories with Iain Dale's Diary receiving a lot of comments about her views on social issues.

Previous Tory candidate Richard Willis has stood down. I thought he was a dynamic candidate and results in May seemed to point to him unseating Paul Burstow in 2008/9. I hope he decides to have another go for Parliament in due course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you ask Phillipa about her stance on abortion? I hear the only reason she went into politics was to get the law changed back to the dark ages. I think this might be very off-putting to the man on the Sutton omnibus. I might even be voting for that Burstow fellow if she sticks around.

2:47 pm, January 27, 2007  

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