Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Health Scrutiny - 7 December

Just read the agenda for this. A little surprised it is is not covering the Trust Financial Recovery Strategy considering that Surrey has called for formal consultation. This rather than a joint committee meeting is far more important.

Other points on the agenda:

5. Bereavement Services

Interesting to hear Ruth Dombey's report back. This is a sad end to a service that used to be funded partly by the Council, so lets hope something can be salvaged for the new incapacity led services.

6. Clinically Effective Commissioning

This is actually very important, so I hope Councillors take as much interest as officers will be. As well as being clinically effective, such commissioning also has to be publicly accountable. There will of course be clashes between these objectives from time to time, but that all part of a democratic process.


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