Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stanley Park - an Academy??

You may be awre of the following:

1. The government now wants 400 Academies instead of 200 and 100 of these would be in London.

2. Stanley Park High, which is rebuilding may apply for extra money from the DFES to become 8 forms of entry instead of 6.

Will the DFES want Stanley Park to become an Academy for the extra money. I understand the Governors do not want to go along this route, so will the secure the extra money? If they don't, I suspect rebuild on the current site will remain the favourite option.


Anonymous jane pascoe said...


just a couple of items to add to your musings.....
1.Stanley Park High School will NOT be an Academy
2.The "Building Schools for the Future" financing comes directly from the GOVERNMENT and not as so helpfully reported by the LBS press officers and their lead councillors - from Sutton Council Tax Payers.
3. The prefered site for the re-build is the Orchard Hill Site, which the Governors agree to be the ONLY site that would be suitable to build a co-located , federated, separate specialist school for children with high definition autism.

I will do my best to keep the 'Politics' out of this project - Will keep you posted!

Jane Pascoe
Chair of Governors
Stanley Park High School

11:08 pm, December 29, 2006  
Blogger Charlie Mansell said...

Thanks for that:

1. I think you are right not to go down that path, but will there be central government pressure to attach strings to the BBS programme in order to meet the doubling of the Academies from 200 to 400. This would imply over 50 Academies in London.

2. Again I would agree with your point. The Council is alkways happy to take the money (and Sutton budget has risen by £116 million in the last 10 years)b ut not always so keen to share the credit.

3. I think Orchard Hill would be the best site, but I wonder whether timing will make rebuilding on the same site the easiest option in the end. That would be disappointing to all.

4. I welcome the fact this project has all party support and hope local residents living near each site will also be supportive.

4:01 pm, December 30, 2006  
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