Friday, December 29, 2006

Peter Geiringer Takes the Biscuit!!

Its outrageous how local residents could criticise Peter Geiringer in the letters page of the Sutton Guardian for his choice of biscuits.

Councillor Geirnger is a stout man of some importance and deserves to have the finest biscuits and an appropriate allowance to enable him to carry out his representative duties!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may be outrageous, but not surprising, considering that the Sutton Guardian appears more and more to be the mouthpiece of the LibDem council.

9:00 pm, December 29, 2006  
Blogger Charlie Mansell said...

I suspect it is the fate of all old media outlets to be pro the leadership of the Council, whoever they are, as they are a big source of stories as well as official advertising.

However, won't that also be of great benefit to an incoming Tory administration in 2010?

Unfortunately they then may make it more difficult for themselves if they then come in and chop the Council communication department.

That is why my advice to Tories is to claim the current proposed communications budget cut as a "Tory victory", then keep quiet about the unit and use it yourselves in 2010!!

4:07 pm, December 30, 2006  

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